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The C++ Annotations
E36 Fuel Injector Rebuild
AnonRep Anonymous Reputation
BGP Nyan Cat
Wavelets for Computer Graphics
Eikon Image Search Engine
Fast Multiresolution Image Querying [PDF]
Practical Makefiles, by example
Condorcet Internet Voting Service
C++ Sockets
RFC 1058 - Routing Information Protocol
Introduction to C++ Assignments
TinyTorrent: Kademlia C++
C Puzzles
Google C++ Style Guide
Advanced Programming with C++ [PDF]
Writing Makefiles
C & C++
A half-hour to learn Rust
PeerVote: A Decentralized Voting Mechanism for P2P Collaboration Systems
Kademlia: A Design Specification
Kademlia [PDF]
Kademlia in Go
Implementing a DHT in Go
Web Scraping in Go
Writing the next Killer P2P App
Digital Wellbeing is way more than just reducing screen time
Satoshi Client Node Discovery
Cool Places + internet edition +
G2 Protocol
A Survey of Peer-to-Peer Network Security Issues
Postoffice - Free Time
Content Curation, Evaluation, and Refinement on a Nonlinearly Directed Imageboard: Lessons From Danbooru