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Bookmark Warrior is backended in the Go programming language, a statically typed and compiled language. The source-code of Bookmark Warrior is not publicly available but I reserve the right to release the software as open-source at any time; in this case it is (highly) likely that the code will be released under a modified BSD 3-clause license. We also leverage a local MySQL server to store your bookmarks and session information.

Bookmark Warrior does not sell your data to third parties; we don't even use analytics on our site! Payment processing is handled by successive calls to PayPal's API; we do not handle payments on-site; PayPal requires Javascript to be enabled on this site.

I am always looking for talented help; if you would like to join the BookmarkWarrior team, please e-mail me at

Password Security

As stated in our Privacy Policy, we do not store passwords at all; instead, a one-way password hashing algorithm called Bcrypt is used to encrypt your password; even in the case of a database breach your password will never be seen (because of the one-way nature of hashing algorithms and the security afforded by bcrypt); bcrypt has a cost parameter which can be adjusted to increase the complexity required to compute the hash, thereby (essentially) future-proofing the hashing algorithm against brute force attacks.