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Privacy Policy

Bookmark Warrior places strong emphasis on user privacy and data integrity; the entire site is secured using signed SSL certificates which facilitate the secure transmission of sensitive information (like when you log in). SSL is just one of the many measures we take to protect your privacy

Your password is stored using a cryptographically secure, one-way hashing algorithm which prevents even me from reading your password from the database. This deters hackers and bad actors from accessing your sensitive data even in the event of a data breach; if information is ever leaked to a 3rd party, I promise to notify all users of the event and to take appropriate action to mitigate the risk of similar attacks in the future; independent audits of the backend source-code may be allowed in this case to ensure your continued security.

Bookmark Warrior runs on a server which only I have access to; the computer is secured physically behind a lock and is provisioned on my network to only accept incoming secure connections. The BookmarkWarrior software is not available to the public but may be independently audited (only with my permission) to address any security concerns.

No credit card numbers or other payment information is stored on Bookmark Warrior because the payment processing is entirely handled by PayPal; you may consult their privacy policy in the event of any questions you have while using their payment processing service.