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Welcome to BookMark Warrior! Think of us as your personal, online bookshelf. We are an ad-free, user-supported read-it-later service available on all your devices; we help you keep track of your favorite online articles and current news stories so you don't have to! Making an account is so simple, and it only costs $10 to start today (just check out our account creation page)

Because we are the easiest solution allowing you to save links from your phone, your computer, your e-reader, your tablet, (even your smart-fridge!) Bookmark Warrior focuses especially on simplicity and accessibility... this lets us serve you with the speed and reliability you deserve.

Whereas other sites (e.g. Reddit) focus on aggregating content and creating social communities, Bookmark Warrior is your personal bookmarking site; you can add links to Bookmark Warrior and mark them as "read" (as you finish reading them) or "archive" them for later. And most importantly, you'll only ever see the links that are relevant to you!

Get started today!